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Poorly cleaned floors can hide a range of risks to both equipment and people.

Don’t ignore what is under your feet!

concrete-workshop-floor-oils-general-grimeconcrete-painted-floor-oils-and-general-soils concrete-power-floated-hanger-floor-general-soils-in-ground concrete-unsealed-and-sealed-floor-general-grime-debris m20-bio8-701-tyre-rubber-remover-with-poly-brushes sweeper-proex-brush-choice walk-behind-sweeper-poly-poly-nylonpainted-damaged-slightly-un-even-floor-with-slight-debris-and-fine-oil-build-up


We make life easier with the best cleaning equipment for office buildings, contract cleaners, sporting clubs, stadiums and arenas, airports, prisons, military and defence force facilities, government buildings and more.

The cleaning and hygiene challenges within your facility are unique. No facility is the same as the next.

That’s why you’ll appreciate the benefits of our customised and bespoke equipment solutions.   We can tailor effective equipment solutions and services for a small office to a huge stadium and everything in between.

Our commitment to designing a custom solution for you allows us to get to know exactly what you expect from us.

Your administration requirements, detailed requests, safety policies, facility size and budget limits will not be a problem for our team.

We are excited at the possibility of establishing a long term partnership with you and would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our equipment at your premises.

We supply a complete range to:

• Office Buildings

• Contract Cleaners

• Sporting Clubs

• Government Buildings

• Factories

• Schools

• Stadiums & Arenas

• Airports

• Prisons

• Military & Defence Force