Industrial Vacuums


High Performance

Depureco Industrial Vacuums provide cleaning solutions for a wide range of sectors, applications and requirements including:

  • ATEX (for explosion hazard environments)
  • Professional Vacuums
  • Food, Pharma, Engineering and a wide range of other manufacturing environment
  • Welding fumes
  • Single Phase
  • Three Phase
  • Stationary Industrial Systems
  • Dust Collectors
  • Compressed air
Industrial Vacuums

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The Depureco ATEX range is very wide, ranging from portable wheeled aspirators to large centralized aspiration systems. In larger ATEX machines it is possible to install safety protections against explosions, such as ruptured discs, partition valves, or anti-explosion relief panels.

Professional Vacuums

Depureco today has a range of professional Wet & Dry vacuums dedicated to industrial cleaning, the construction sector, bodywork and other activities where a compact and economical but quality vacuum cleaner is required. Depureco professional vacuum cleaners stand out for their sturdiness and manageability. They are compact and easily transportable vacuum cleaners with a sturdy frame, and quality filters, also with automatic vibration systems for filter cleaning.

Depureco professional vacuums can have from 1 to 2 110V or 230V By-Pass motors. There are also many suction accessories included such as hoses, brushes and suction nozzles, and much more.

Food, Pharma & OEM

Depureco has a complete range of industrial vacuums for the food and pharmaceutical industries and for direct suction applications on automatic process machines.
With the food & pharma range, it is possible to vacuum up different types of dust, including toxic and dangerous ones.

Depureco industrial vacuums for the pharmaceutical and food industry are built using AISI304 or AISI 316 stainless steel on request. They are all equipped with a side-channel turbine for continuous 24/7 work and an integrated safety valve. All vacuum cleaners have a high level of filtration. In every industrial vacuum, there is a large high efficiency filter in Class M and the possibility of installing Hepa H14 filters when necessary.

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Welding Fumes

Depureco’s range of industrial vacuums for welding fumes consists of wheeled smoke extractors with a 3-meter suction arm, equipped with a rotating bell and airflow regulator. A specific range of vacuum cleaners has been designed for direct suction from a welding torch. With the aspirators for the welding torch, it is possible to extract the fumes directly from the tip of the welding gun.

There is a filter cleaning system that can be manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic through a counter-current jet of alternating air.

Single Phase

Depureco’s range of single-phase industrial vacuum has been designed for any suction need, with different materials: solids and liquids, shavings, and powders.
The single-phase range is very wide, including portable industrial vacuum cleaners, powerful and compact, with a large filtering surface. Among these products, there is also a powerful industrial vacuum with 3 single-phase motors, with large surface filters and containers up to 100 Lt of capacity.

All Depureco single-phase industrial vacuums are equipped with a primary filter in category M (filtration efficiency 1 micron) and can be equipped with an absolute secondary Hepa H14 filter.

The range of single-phase vacuums is designed for industrial cleaning and maintenance operations. Depending on the model, it is possible to obtain the ideal configuration for any suction need. In fact, there is a series of vacuums equipped with a JetClean® filter cleaning system. Thanks to a conical polyester cartridge and an airflow inversion system, it is possible to vacuum even the finest difficult dust in total safety.

Three Phase

Depureco has one of the most complete ranges of three-phase industrial vacuums on the market.

The range of three-phase industrial vacuums is equipped with side-channel turbines with powers up to 7.5 kW. Depureco three-phase vacuums are designed to suck up solids, liquids, and even the finest and finest dust. Thanks to multistage turbines it is possible to work in the most severe conditions where a lot of depression or a lot of airflows are required.

In this range, industrial vacuums can be configured in a vertical version, with a side channel blower installed on the head or horizontal with a side channel blower installed at the bottom inside the rear protective casing.
In the Depureco three-phase industrial vacuums range, different types of filter cleaning systems are available.

The vacuum cleaner can be configured with a manual shaking or Jet Clean® cleaning system. Where required, it is possible to use a completely automatic cartridge cleaning system in counter-current, or with automatic shaking operated by a pneumatic piston.

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Stationary Industrial Systems

Depureco designs and builds the best-centralized suction systems on the market. With Depureco centralized extraction systems, it is possible to vacuum all types of dust, fumes, shavings, and metals using sturdy galvanized steel or stainless steel piping.

The Depureco range consists of various suction solutions that reach up to 25 kW of power and 600 mBar of maximum vacuum. They can vacuum at various points at the same time and with several meters of hose, transporting large quantities of material from one work environment to another.

The centralized system consists of a vacuum unit (high-performance side channel blower) and a filtering unit with a large surface and high-efficiency filters. The filter systems can be equipped with different automatic filter cleaning systems. Depending on the type of material to be sucked, it is possible to choose between a counter-current cartridge cleaning system, a pneumatic filter shaker cleaning system, or an electric filter shaker system.

It is also possible to work in the presence of an explosive atmosphere by installing an ATEX-certified central vacuum unit and filtering unit. To ensure the proper functioning of the vacuum, the centralized systems can also be equipped with a HEPA filter (H14) with high filtration efficiency.

Dust Collectors

The Depureco range of industrial dust collectors can suck up fine and difficult suspended dust, aluminum shavings, fumes, and oily vapors. Depureco industrial dust collectors are equipped with a manual or automatic filter cleaning system for applications with large quantities of fine dust.
The vacuum cleaners of the industrial dedusting line are equipped with star or cartridge filters in category M (filtration efficiency up to 1 micron) and with an optional Hepa filter.

Depureco industrial dust collectors are generally connected to a suction arm or to hoods located in the production process.

Compressed Air

Depureco offers a wide range of industrial compressed air vacuums, both standard and ATEX certified, to work in explosive atmospheres, suitable for both gas and dust.
Using the Venturi principle through one or more ejectors, Depureco compressed air vacuums are able to provide excellent suction solutions with excellent depression/air flow performance.

The compressed air vacuums are equipped with a large-surface bag filter certified in FILTRATION efficiency class CATEGORY M and it is possible to install an additional HEPA H14.
With the use of compressed air industrial vacuum cleaners, all mechanical movement parts, normally useful for generating a vacuum, are eliminated, ensuring safety and ease of use.

Professional Vacuums
Three Phase

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