Single Phase & Three Phase Industrial Vacuum cleaners are portable and can vacuum both small and large quantities of dry and wet waste.



They are designed to carry out even particularly heavy cleaning operations, with a quick-emptying mechanism for the waste container.

The plus factors that characterise our industrial vacuum cleaners:

  • User Friendly
  • Productivity
  • Designed to keep the investment value high over time
  • Safety

They are ideal for cleaning environments such as workshops, foundries, cement plants, bakeries, car washes and chemical or textile plants.
A wide range of accessories enables users to customise each vacuum cleaner to adapt it to even more difficult vacuuming requirements. A single-phase vacuum cleaner is preferred for intermittent vacuum, for continuous vacuum of heavier dirt, or, where greater power is necessary in order to reduce work times, the use of a three-phase model is recommended.



FV30.2The FV30.2 is a single-stage vacuum cleaner suitable for use on light dust.

The frame is robust yet lightweight, making the unit easy to transport.
Available with two motors with a 50-litre container capacity.
The possibility of installing the suction cup accessory even allows large surfaces to be vacuumed.



FIMAP   FV40.2

FV40.2The FV40.2 is a single-stage 2-motor vacuum cleaner designed to remove medium to heavy dust.
The 40-litre capacity of the container is ideal for collecting less voluminous dust and dirt particles.

This vacuum cleaner is used particularly in the car wash industry.
Upon request, it can be fitted with class M, anti-static, heat-resistant and class H filters.
Thanks to the ample filter surface area (2 sq.m) and high air flow, it can even be used on large quantities of dust.
The wide range of accessories makes this vacuum cleaner highly versatile.



FIMAP   FV60.2/100.3

FV60.2The FV60.2 and FV100.3 are single-stage vacuum cleaners for solids and liquids.
Thanks to their robustness, mobility and performance, they are the “Best Sellers” of the entire range and are the ideal solution wherever first class results are required from a single-stage vacuum cleaner.

Available with a 60-litre or 100-litre wheel-mounted tank, and with two or three motors.
Upon request, they can be fitted with class M, anti-static, heat-resistant and class H filters.



FIMAP   FV60.2/100.3 SE

FV60.2 SEThe FV60.2 SE and FV100.3 SE are single-stage vacuum cleaners for solids and liquids. They offer greater output air control and more practical maintenance operations.

Available in the SE configuration, with a handy button-controlled electrical filter-shaker.
Upon request, they can be equipped with class M, anti-static, heat-resistant and class H filters, as well as mechanical or electronic floats.
They can also be equipped (upon request) with HEPA cartridge filters (indispensable for vacuuming micro-dusts) for the intake air, the air output from the tank, and the motor-cooling air.



FIMAP   FV3.0/4.0/5.5 SEA

FV3. SEAThe FV3.0/4.0/5.5 SEA are extremely powerful three-phase vacuum cleaners with a turbine installed in a rear compartment. Their size makes mobility impractical, so they are best employed in environments where they can be used in fixed positions.

Designed with highly robust frames, making them extremely stable. The material vacuumed due to the cyclonic effect tends to settle on the bottom of the container, while the finer dust particles in the mix are deposited and retained on the filter surface area.
They are equipped with a particularly advanced filter cleaning system, with an automatic electrical filter-shaker. It has 2 distinct operating modes:
Automatic mode: every 20 minutes of non-stop operation, the unit automatically stops for a 20-second filter cleaning cycle. Once the cycle has been completed, the unit restarts automatically.
Manual mode: by pressing the filter-shaker button while the turbine is functioning, the turbine stops working and a 20-second filter cleaning cycle begins. Once the cycle has ended, the turbine restarts automatically.
Two operators can work with the FV5.5 version simultaneously.



TMB    T30/50/60/100 T/ATEX22



These are certified vacuum cleaners for use in areas where the maximum operating safety is required. They have been designed to vacuum dust with a medium risk of explosion.
(Areas potentially classified as Zone 22).

They can therefore be used for cleaning ovens, in the chemical/pharmaceutical sector, in mills, etc.


The good degree of mobility provided by the large-diameter wheels means the vacuum cleaner can be used in cluttered areas.

They are extremely noiseless.
The large filter surface (2 sq.m.) and air flow allow operators to work even in areas with large quantities of dust.
The filter has a greater than average life-span thanks to the presence of a cyclonic cone separator and the tangential intake.
The possibility of fitting a large number of accessories makes these vacuum cleaners extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including for dual vacuuming of dry and wet waste.
These vacuum cleaners can also be fitted extremely easily with a mechanical float that ensures their optimal functioning also when used as wet vacuum cleaners.



TMB   A 60/100 ATEX22

a100-atex-acciaio-870x1000A 60/100 ATEX22 are compressed-air vacuum cleaners that can be used where power supply is either not available or not advisable (potentially explosive zones).
They are characterised by an excellent vacuum and good air flow.

A pressure regulator enables the regulation of intake air pressure, ensuring that the device delivers the performance required.

The tank is decoupled by means of a handle. Once uncoupled, the tank can be easily moved thanks to its four pivoting wheels.







What does ATEX mean?

The vacuum cleaner may have to be used in areas where explosive powders or gases may be found (so-called ATEX environments).

Depending on the likelihood of these eventualities, such areas are classified into zones (by the end user) in compliance with Directive 94/9/EC and 99/92/EC. The zone number identifies the type of area. The equipment used in these areas must therefore meet precise manufacturing criteria. TBM’s models are designed to be compliant for zone 22 (potentially explosive zones).

What do the vacuum and air flow rate values mean?

The are two specific characteristics of vacuum cleaners that can be summarised as follows:

vacuum is the ability to lift the debris to be removed. The higher the value, the higher the ability to lift it.

The air flow represent the ability to transport the thus lifted debris and, in the case of large quantities of dust, to keep it suspended within the hoses.

The correct ratio of both values, therefore, enables the vacuum cleaner to lift the debris to be removed and convey it to the hopper at the same time.



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