Clean compact spaces with a small sweeper or large floor areas with industrial floor sweepers.


The new cordless power sweeper by Fimap offers you the same readiness and handiness of a broom, but you won’t bend down or struggle to pick up the dirt anymore!

Broom is as ergonomic and comfortable to use as a vacuum cleaner, but without messy cords
that restrict your movements, to offer you the maximum freedom in whatever area of the house,
from the kitchen to the garage, as well as on the balcony or entrance pathway.

It is perfect for home environments but also for your own business such as:
coffee bars, bakeries, craftsman laboratories, small supermarkets or shops.

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A Commercial Digital Images photograph, By Kirk Schultz ©TENNANT S3 MANUAL SWEEPER

Dual side brushes and intuitive design make the S3 perfect for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. Manual operation makes it a great sweeper for quietly cleaning noise sensitive environments.

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FS50 is an extremely manageable machine that resolves the need to clean indoor and outdoor flooring in a quick and efficient manner. It is suitable for cleaning surfaces of up to 2,500 sq.m.

FS50 is available in a battery version (FS50 B/Bt), or with a Honda gasoline motor (FS50 H/Ht) which increases the cleaning speed and simplifies the operator’s work outdoors (both versions are available with or without traction drive).

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A Commercial Digital Images photograph, By Kirk Schultz ©TENNANT S9 SWEEPER

Sweep SMARTER, not HARDER with TwinMax™ Sweeping Technology

Clean your floors in a single pass with TwinMax Sweeping Technology. The twin, counter-rotating brushes combine over-throw and direct sweeping principles to capture large and small debris with one machine.

TwinMax technology is designed for sweeping multiple floor surfaces in both indoor and outdoor environments.

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s10-productTENNANT S10 SWEEPER

Tennant’s S10 Industrial Floor Sweeper is a heavy duty, battery-powered walk-behind sweeper that cleans harsh industrial environments.

Tennant’s S10 Industrial Floor Sweeper is built heavy duty to take on the harshest industrial environments

  • Sweep tight and open spaces in the harshest environments with a walk-behind sweeper built for exceptional performance, durability and dust control
  • Increase cleaning run time with one of the largest hoppers in any walk-behind floor sweeper
  • Protect employees and facilities from potentially harmful dust by capturing dust particles as small as 3 microns

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