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With FSR Fimap presents a new way of designing the sweeping machine making it compact, versatile, eco-friendly and extremely productive with very low consumptions, also thanks to the production of the Hybrid version.

The ride on FSR sweeping machine is available in two versions, the FSR B battery powered, suitable for cleaning areas up to 8,000 sq. m. and the FSR Hybrid, powered by a combination of a gasoline motor with batteries, suitable for cleaning floors up to 15,000 sq. m. The Hybrid version offers 7.5 non-stop working hours and is ideal for cleaning indoor and outdoor areas: the gasoline motor can be used for outdoor cleaning while the quietness and emission free power of the electrical motor is perfect for indoor cleaning.
The battery version (FSR B) is able to work for 4 non-stop hours with only one energy charge and its outstanding quietness makes it suitable for indoor cleaning giving excellent results also on carpet floors.

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FS 800FIMAP FS 800

Thanks to the I-Drive concept, the FS800 sweeping machines offer the maximum driving ease, making them suitable for use by any operator.
FS800 models are ideal for cleaning industrial and commercial environments of up to 20,000 sq.m.

FS800 models are available with manual or automatic unloading; the latter can unload at up to 1.25m above the ground.
They are recommended for cleaning both indoors (battery version, FS800 B) and outdoors (gasoline motor version, FS800 H).

The versions with an internal combustion motor (FS800 H) are equipped with a complete hydraulic system and are free of any electronic circuit boards. This provides increased reliability and safety, even when working in extremely dirty conditions.

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FS 80 90 110FIMAP FS80-90-110

The FS80-90-110 models are the most compact sweeping machines in their class. They are designed with a box frame, constructed around a compact central brush.
This allows FS80-90-110 to be used for cleaning large surfaces, as well as restricted or cluttered passageways. They are ideal for easily collecting solid debris and light dust on surfaces of up to 30,000 sq.m.

The FS80-90-110 models are available with central brushes of three different widths:
80, 90 and 110cm. There are battery versions (FS80-90-110 B), along with versions with a combustion diesel engine (FS80-90-110 D) or a bi-fuel combustion engine (only for FS110).

The fabric pocket filter, with its ample filter surface area of 7 sq.m. (FS80) or 8 sq.m. (FS90-110), is long-lasting and ensures excellent vacuum results, even in environments with a high concentration of fine dust.

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Image of Tennant Sweeper 6100 productTENNANT 6100

The Tennant 6100 subcompact ride-on sweeper is a manoeuvrable battery-powered ride-on sweeper that quietly captures dust and debris in a single pass.

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The Tennant 6100 Sub-compact Ride-on Sweeper is quiet, manoeuvrable and battery powered

  • Quietly clean and capture light dust and debris efficiently in one pass with this battery-powered ride-on sweeper
  • Open sightlines designed in the ride-on sweeper allow operator to confidently manoeuvre through tight spaces and standard doorways
  • Clean hard surface and carpet with a single machine



Image of Tennant Scrubber Sweeper 8300 productTENNANT 6200

Tennant’s 6200 compact ride-on sweeper is a versatile battery-powered sweeper that quietly captures dust and debris in a single pass.

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The Tennant 6200 Compact Ride-on Sweeper is battery powered to quietly capture dust and debris in a single pass

  • Efficiently sweep and capture light dust and debris in a single pass
  • Open sightlines designed into the compact ride-on sweeper allow operator to confidently manoeuvre through tight cleaning spaces
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs with heavy duty body construction and high quality sweeper components



Image of Tennant Scrubber Sweeper 8300 productTENNANT S20

Tennant’s S20 compact mid-sized ride-on floor sweeper is a heavy duty machine that manoeuvres easily in tight spaces and has the performance of a mid-size sweeper.

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The Tennant S20 Compact Mid-sized Ride-on Sweeper provides the cleaning power of a mid-size in a compact machine

  • Experience the indoor or outdoor sweeping performance of a mid-size ride-on sweeper with the manoeuvrability of a compact ride-on sweeper
  • Improve indoor air quality and sweep longer with the SweepMax™ dust control system
  • Reduce operator training time and simplify machine operation with “All levers forward” control



s30-mainTENNANT S30

Sweeping with the S30 increases productivity, and provides health and safety benefits. It is simple to operate and maintain, and helps improves a facility’s image for both heavy and light dust applications.

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The Tennant S30 Mid-sized Ride-on Sweeper easily picks up everything from cement dust to heavy debris

  • Maximise ride-on sweeper performance and dry dust control with the 3-stage SweepSmart™ system
  • Clean indoors and outdoors without compromising ride-on sweeper performance
  • Improve operator visibility and reduce fatigue with cab forward Ergospace™ compartment design



Lavor Pro

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