It is an often overlooked fact that business owners must ensure that electrical products used in the workplace should not pose a safety risk to those that use them.

In short, this means that employers must ensure that all electrical work equipment is safe, suitable for purpose and properly maintained in good order.

This responsibility under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and other legislation extends to anything with a mains plug, from electrical kettles and cleaning equipment to PCs and photocopiers.

To help you comply with these requirements we provide professional electrical checks, inspection and testing services on all portable appliances. We already provide this service to a wide range of businesses in the area both large and small.

Importantly, it is widely accepted that in the event of a prosecution arising from a workplace injury relating to a portable appliance, the employer’s case is greatly assisted if they can produce accurate test records to indicate that reasonable actions had been taken to comply with the regulations.

Our service will help you meet this requirement and I would appreciate the chance to offer our assistance on your sites in the future.


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