With our tailored equipment & solutions we can help you maximise the effectiveness of your cleaning operations.

Our Scrubber Dryers provide the right solution for your specific application with a versatility that is unmatched in the industry.

Example of cost efficient bespoke design:



  • Multiple machine head types to fit your cleaning requirements and optimise cleaning performance.
  • Specific cleaning path/Scrub width to suit facility i.e 350mm > 1625mm


  • Efficient brush system: self levelling brush / adjustable pressure
  • Choice of brush to be fitted to equipment for various floor coverings: cylindrical or disc
  • Type of brush to be fitted to equipment: Options include; Polypro Heavy, Scrub Sweep Cylindrical Abrasive, Scrub Sweep Cylindrical Polypro, Scrub Disc Poly stiff, Scrub Sweep Nylon, Scrub Sweep Abrasive, Scrub Sweep cylindrical Abrasive, Scrub Sweep Cylindrical Poly Pro, Brush Sweep Cylindrical Polyester.


  • Choice of floor pad for maintenance operation:
  • Stripping To remove finish, sealer and contaminants from the floor surface. Done at the start of a maintenance program and at times when scrubbing will not achieve the desired results.
  • Scrubbing Done prior to replacing worn finish; provides a fresh new surface to maintain.
  • Cleaning To remove light soil and other contaminants.
  • Buffing To remove scuffs and black heel marks and enhance floor appearance.
  • Burnishing To repair finish and improve gloss and image clarity of floor surface. Scuff & Mark Removal
  • Diamond Floor Pads Use to clean, condition & polish worn and dull stone floors.


  • Size of the solution and recovery tanks are also  considered to ensure there is enough capacity to clean the required floor area.


  • Ergonomics & enhanced safety features: overhead guard (ride-on) Ensures safety in severe environments.  Head Lights, Flashing Lights & Back up alarm


  • Chargeable battery pack – choice determined  to make sure there is sufficient energy in the equipment to complete cleaning task: Standard, Gel, Lithium-Ion, AGM, Fast Charging.   Click on link for Battery Options
  • Battery – LPG- Petrol -Diesel





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