Orbio. Replace Chemical with osg

It is our great pleasure to inform you of our new Orbio technology; we will be Northern Ireland’s first ever provider of this new and unique solution technology.

The Orbio equipment is a self generating, stand alone unit that uses tap water, a small amount of salt and electricity to create the Orbio ® multi surface cleaner for use in floor scrubbers, carpet extractors and for spray and wipe applications.


We are very proud of Tennant’s commitment to sustainability and their steadfastness in developing new products.

We know that their products will help us to improve our customer’s productivity while still delivering high performance cleaning and with fewer negative environmental impacts.

Please click on the following links for more information or call us to discuss how you can replace your old process with this new way of commercial cleaning.

Click here for os3 Generator SpecNEWS-5-300x204

Click here for os3 Satellite Specs

We believe that you will be delightfully surprised to see this latest innovation and invite you to join us at our address where we can demonstrate to you this One solution with Extraordinary benefits and exactly how Orbio can be of benefit to you and your company.

Please CLICK  on the following video link for more information or call  028 25659000 for an appointment to visit and we will be happy to arrange a demonstration time for you at your convenience.

VIDEO: Click here for ORBIO onsite generation technology