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Tennant Company is a leading innovator in sustainable technologies that provide effective cleaning/disinfection without the use of traditional packaged chemicals. The Orbio OSG (on-site generation) and ecH2O Nanoclean™ product brands are using the power of transformed water. These technologies achieve performance combined with safety, cost and environmental savings.

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Join us at The National Sustainability Summit to

·         Hear from an impressive line-up of speakers from pharmaceutical, food, aviation, retail, hospitality, food, construction, manufacturing, IT, logistics and supply chain, energy companies etc that instrumental in securing Irelands long term sustainable future.

·         Network with the leading sustainability directors, energy directors, environmental directors, corporate social responsibly directors, production heads, operation directors, logistics and supply chain directors, CEO’s etc that have an interest in making their companies more sustainable.

·         Meet with leading suppliers of energy, water, engineering, packaging, supply chain, logistics, emissions reduction and waste to energy technology and services that have been instrumental in creating a more sustainable Ireland