contractor-400-high-speedThe Contractor Range of rotary machines offers unrivalled value and performance across a range of hard floor cleaning tasks including scrubbing, buffing, spray cleaning and bonnet mopping.

At 300 rpm the Contractor Range provide the flexibility to effectively carry out most hard floor cleaning tasks. Fit the optional tank for scrubbing or bonnet mopping or change to pads to carry out stripping, scrubbing, mark removal, buffing and spray cleaning.

As with all Victor machines the Contractor Range are delivered fully assembled and ready for use. A drive board is included so you can just attach the appropriate pad and start cleaning.

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europa-v-450-super-c-w-exhauster-unitThe Victor Europa provides excellent mark removal capability when scrubbing using the standard speed.

Standard speed is used for scrubbing, stripping and carpet cleaning. A wide variety of attachments can be added to assist with each task, for example tanks and a splash skirt for scrubbing and stripping, and a variety of 17″ (450 mm) pads are available to suit the application.

The Europa also features a power take off to allow the fitting of a vacuum and skirt when sand screening floors.

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lynx-20-burnisherThe Lynx operates at 1080 rpm to give excellent productivity in spray cleaning or burnishing and a superior finish on the floor.

The simple to use Lynx keeps operator training to a minimum through its straight line operation, and the silent passive dust collection provides optimum dust pick up where the noise of a vacuum is an issue.

In areas where a spray bottle cannot be used to put cleaning solution onto the floor an optional Solution Dispenser can be fitted, controlled from the handle the attachment dispenses solution directly onto the floor safely. The Lynx features a fold over handle and can be tipped onto the rear castors to be stored in the smallest of areas.

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trojan-17-c-w-drive-board-450mmDesigned for the heaviest of tasks the Trojan is a powerful workhorse.

The corrosion-proof undercover allows the strongest cleaning chemicals to be used without causing damage to the machine.

An exceptionally powerful rotary, the Trojan is capable of being loaded with over 65 kg’s of weight. Operating at 180 rpm the Trojan is ideal for scrubbing and scarifying. When used in conjunction with weight it is excellent at diamond grinding of marble and other stone floors.

Despite its power the Trojan is well balanced and comfortable to use even for inexperienced operators. The range of attachments includes tanks (15-litre recommended), and a full range of brushes including a high performance polypropylene scrubbing brush and a couple of different scarifying brushes. The machine comes complete with a drive board for use with pads or diamond disks for marble preparation.

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Orbis CompactOrbis Compact

A lightweight machine for small area cleaning and polishing.




Orbis 200.200HD & 400Orbis 200/200HD & 400

A cost effective range of single disc rotaries, that offer exceptional handling and productivity for cleaning and polishing hard floors.



Orbis DuoOrbis Duo

This machine combines the best features of the 200 and 400 single speed machines.



Orbis UHS 1500Orbis UHS 1500

Ultra high speed single disc burnisher, that delivers high productivity and high quality polishing results.



orbis cordlessOrbis UHS Cordless Burnisher

Battery powered, ultra high speed rotary burnisher designed for daytime cleaning, when customers, staff or patients are present.





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