Flexible Service Offerings Tailored to Meet Your Business Needs.

The primary goal of our preventive maintenance schedule is to prevent the failure of equipment before it actually occurs.

It is designed to preserve and enhance equipment reliability by replacing worn components in your cleaning equipment before they actually fail.


Value of PPM

Our current Preventive maintenance contracts include equipment checks, partial or complete overhauls at specified periods, oil changes, lubrication and so on. In addition, our engineers record equipment deterioration so they know to replace or repair worn parts before they cause system failure.

There are multiple misconceptions about preventive maintenance. One such misconception is that PM is unduly costly. This logic dictates that it would cost more for regularly scheduled downtime and maintenance than it would normally cost to operate equipment until repair is absolutely necessary. This may be true for some components; however, one should compare not only the costs but the long-term benefits and savings associated with preventive maintenance. Without preventive maintenance, for example, costs for lost production time from unscheduled equipment breakdown will be incurred. Also, preventive maintenance will result in savings due to an increase in the effective equipments service life.

We offer Flexibility on our preventative maintenance packages which allow you to tailor coverage to meet your needs, so your machines are always ready to go.

If equipment uptime is essential to your business, our Care 24 Service offering provides a comprehensive, worry-free service. If cleaning is necessary but less critical to your business, our Care Pro Service offering provides value and service within 48 hours. Or if you are satisfied with having preventive maintenance only, our Care Fix offering is right for you.


clockCare 24 Designed for customers for whom cleaning equipment uptime is of the essence, our service ensures your machines are always ready to clean by providing full service preventive maintenance and repairs*.

Assures complete peace of mind, a response time within 24 hours, maintenance and breakdown coverage, predictability of costs and helps to maximise uptime and equipment lifetime.

* Excludes damage and misuse


imagesZIAI1UE7Care Pro provides modest service at minimal cost while ensuring your equipment remains in good condition.

Choose a fixed fee for preventive maintenance and covered service parts, or reduced call-out and labour rates for preventive maintenance and repairs*.

Ensures predictability of costs and helps to maximise uptime and equipment lifetime.  * Excludes damage and misuse


untitledCare Fix Preventative maintenance at a fixed price for labour and call outs.






  • You can be confident your machines will continue to provide peak performance.
  • You can expect premium quality from our machines. Our service and genuine parts and consumables are no different.
  • Our own service engineers’ team clearly understand their roles and responsibilities’ to meet the expectations of you as a customer.
  • Increase Productivity and Peace of Mind.
  • We provide excellent value and full-service preventive maintenance and repairs
  • We offer speed and predictability of cost, expert intervention within 24 hours or earlier in case of technical failure.

We are committed to helping our customers create clean, healthy, safe & attractive environments.