For many of our customers, it is a worrying time, but we want to assure you that even though it’s not ‘business as usual’ for many of us, we are here to help.

With the recent emergence and spread of the Coronavirus the fear of shortage of chemical products to control the spread of the virus is a possible reality.

As the distributor for Matrix Cleaning Systems we would like to remind everyone that we have sustainable technology that will help combat the virus without running the risk of not having enough “product” because we use regular tap water.

We have available on request reports that were produced sometime ago detailing efficacy against various bacteria.

At present no tests have been carried out using steam against the Coronavirus, however steam will eliminate many types of bacteria at different temperatures as in the report, the important thing to remember when using steam to disinfect is to educate staff on using any type of equipment correctly and in a methodical procedure.

However using steam specifically for cleaning as opposed to disinfecting has to be recognised as an acceptable and sustainable method, it has been used by many FM, Contract Cleaning, Catering and Healthcare and Transport sectors and will also save on the spend on chemicals and wipes, which we are already seeing a shortage.

A multifunctional cleaning  machine, that can be used on any surface for hygienic cleaning, made in the UK and readily available.

Our delivery drivers, engineers and technical teams are working extra hard to ensure our customers still receive the best possible service.

And our fantastic customer service team is on hand to help you with any queries or concerns you may have.

Call us on 028 2565 9000 or email