About Us

William Carey founded his cleaning machine business in Ireland in 2006 based on his extensive experience of cleaning technology and a customer centred view of solving cleaning problems.

Since those early days the prime cleaning machine partnership has been with Tennant, the providers of the most technologically advanced, highest quality cleaning machines available on the market today. Over this period William has also established partnerships with other cleaning equipment suppliers who offer complementary and class leading solutions in their areas of focus.

The Carey business has grown in Ireland, based on a reputation for providing customers with real solutions to their problems, strong return on investment and excellent customer service.

The recent award of the Exclusive Tennant Distributorship in Ireland, reflects the desire to bring the best of global cleaning technology coupled with the highest standards of local cleaning expertise and customer service to a growing customer base in Ireland.

This service is delivered from our bases in Co Antrim and Co Louth.

About Carey Cleaning Machines